Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jackson's 8th Birthday!

This is a big year for Jackson. He turned 8 and so he is excited to get to be baptised. This was also his year for a birthday party and he chose to have his cousins come over for a "video game party". We made it into a "Mario Kart" party and it was a big hit! The kids came in and built thier own nachos at the "nacho bar" and we played a we games. During the game time they rotated through a "pin the mustache on Mario" game, a "Bowser ring toss" and they earned gold coins to put into their mushroom pouches. Then we settled down and played some Mario Bingo and then we turned on Mario kart. We set up kids on DS's in the front room and so we had 4 kids in there. Then we had 4 kidson the Wii. Things were beginning to heat up and then as the kids took turns we had them go throught the "build your own Sundae bar" and make themselves a sundae. Then the kids took their coins and bought candy and toys out of my store to take home. It was a great might and all the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Jackson!

Let's go D-backs!

Our boys got a great opportunity to score some "sweet seats" to the D-backs game and got to go with dad. The "Boy's Night Out" was action packed -- as always! My kids are excited to go to the game not just for the atmosphere but mostly for the food. jackson always has to get nachos and Spencer will eat his wieght in Hotdaog if Troy doesn't stop him and then wash it down with as much frozen lemonade as possible. Payton is just happy to be sitting next to people he can attnept to entertain if the game gets slow. AT this particular game the kids did not dissapoint. Jackson got a ball -- which he scores about every time the lucky guy and Payton was taken by Baxter and he helped him to pump up the crowd. Spencer got to eat his huge hot dog and wash it down iwth his frozen lemonade. All in all a very action packed game for dad -- the seats were FABULOUS! This was a very memorable night for our boys.

First Day of School 2010

This year is an exciting one for our family. Jackson is going into 2nd Grade and our Spencer is in Kindergarten. Payton is in Mrs. Moss's class this year and so this is our last year with a preschooler. We have had kids in preschool for the last 5 years and it is exciting to watch them grow. Jackson i in Mrs. Neese's class and Spencer's teacher is Miss Troy -- that's right Miss TROY. At least we won't forget her name =). They are growing up into great students and we look forward to another great school year! Plus, aren't they so handsome!!!

Payton's 4th Birthday

Our little Payton had a Dinosaur party to remember. We had a good time. This kids came in and decorated their own buckets for our "dinosaur dig" and then we took them out to the sandbox (dinosaur nest) where they dug up dinosaur skeletons and jewels to take home. After that we went inside and had fun breaking open the pinata. We ended with cupcakes and the kids played outside with bubbles. Payton and his friends had a great time.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Twilight Party!!

Thanks to my friends, we pulled off on AWESOME night of Twilight fun! It was so fun and nice to just relax and play some Pokeno with some girls friends. I am glad to have a birthday for a reason to party! Plus, everyone goes home with a gift so everyone wins in Pokeno! Here are some beautiful snaps of the night courtesy of CalhounInk. Guests could start off by becoming a vampire -- for those of you who are not into Twilight, the vampires sparkle in the sun.

We had an Italian Soda bar that was flavored with blood types and such but don't worry it wasn't real blood!

We made "Italiano" for dinner and the salad, bread and lasagna was all Fabulous! After we were full from food we stuffed ourselves some more with treats and one of them was the mini-cheesecakes! What a fun night -- Happy Birthday me!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Spencer's Preschool Graduation

Our little Spencer. he has grown by leaps and bounds this year. He has had no problem making friends and with how great of a reader he is we know he is so ready for Kindergarten. He loves learning and I can't believe how far he has come in such a short time.

Payton's preschool graduation

It bring new respect to preschool teachers to see them coral the
kids for graduation. It has been a great year and Payton has learned so much from being in a
preschool class -- now if we could just get him to behave a church =). Payton was not in a performing mood that night but he did "strike a few poses" for us and had fun with his megaphone and his ringpop. Good times!